Pho 24

Following a secret family recipe handed down through the generations, our pho follows the time honored traditions of slow cooking.

For our signature beef pho, we start with 100% real beef shin bones (not buffalo, not pork), which are carefully simmered for 8 hours to extract the mouth-watering savory goodness, and nutrient packed benefits, of rich bone marrow. During the cooking process we gradually add spices, herbs, briskets of beef, vegetables…all the 24 special ingredients that make up our secret family recipe!

Every day we hand-make our rice noodles with zero preservatives and prepare our crisp vegetable garnishes. Our goal is to guarantee our guests the freshest taste and food safety.

Pho tastes best when served steaming hot, which is why we serve it quick! We want our guests to enjoy their authentic Vietnamese pho at its peak moment of deliciousness!

Location Mainstreet Upper Ground Floor - 31

Phone : 29053069