ISSHIN Sukiyaki is a GF Culinary concept Japanese Dining restaurant. As a major player in the Food and Beverage industry, we are constantly evolving our offerings to provide local diners with the best eating experience possible.

ISSHIN Sukiyaki is originally created by GF Culinary Group to highlight two beloved Japanese dishes, the Sukiyaki and Donburi. Diners are invited to tuck into the iconic hotpot dish featuring delectable meats and vegetables simmered in heartwarming umami (sweet and salty) broth, or the Donburi where poached meats are layered atop hot Japanese rice. Here, you can expect to leave full and uplifted having enjoyed a hearty meal where quality, taste, ambiance, and attentive service are put front and center.

Location Mainstreet Upper Ground Floor - 21

Phone : 29053264